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Free Cutter Guides!

We're pleased to offer a selection of cutter guides to you absolutely FREE - we'll update these on an occasional basis. Please remember us when you come to print or finish the items - we already have dies for these, so we'll be able to give you better prices than anyone else.

If you need more information on how to make them up, or what materials you should be using, please contact us. All guides featured here are free for you to use entirely at your own risk; we strongly recommend you make a dummy before you engage in any production, and we do not accept liability for any costs or issues arising from the use of these guides. Guides are vector PDFs and can be opened using Illustrator, Autocad etc. We can supply files converted to different formats if required, please contact us (we will charge a small fee for this).

Double-bay dispenser

This guide is a very handy one for a 2-bay leaflet dispenser - to hold A5 leaflets and credit-card size cards or leaflets (85x55mm). Ideal for low-attendance trade counters, etc. It fits on an sra2 sheet. Print should be mounted to .080/2000m board. It requires one glueing. If you need the guide adjusting for your own needs, we can do it for a small fee, please contact us. This picture shows the dispenser made up, and the guide.

Simple DL Leaflet dispenser

Basic leaflet dispenser, twist-up style with push-through legs Print on 170gsm art and mount to .070 white-backed display board, long grain if you can get it. Lamination also strongly recommended, which will protect the print during die-cutting, makeup and use. For any adjustments, contact us.


200mm Cube

A great display cube, simple to make up and cheap to print. Fits on a B2 sheet. Print on 450m boxboard. Gloss lamination recommended. Needs 2 gluings, goes out flat with lid & base closed by tabs. We can do you a version with all tabs for make-up if you prefer, but this is harder for customers to make up. For any adjustments, contact us.



Bottle Collar

Designed to fit loosely on a standard mixer bottle - can easily be dropped over the top of bottles in crates or on shelves. Height 50mm, base 38mm per side, top 25mm per side. Fits 4-up on SRA3, so can be digitally printed. Use 250gsm art paper or higher. Lamination recommended. For any adjustments, contact us.


Miniature box

Mini-box, designed to look like a pharmaceutical box. 50x75x19mm. Tuck-in flaps. Needs 1 gluing. Use 300m boxboard or higher. Dummy recommended as the small size means tolerances for paper are critical. Can be digitally printed. For any adjustments, contact us.